About Creative Design Photography

Pictures with Impact

It’s a misconception that photographers are somehow less creative than other artists. The artistry behind photography involves far more than simply pointing the camera and shooting. Nowhere is the inventive nature of still images better on display than in creative design photography.

Creative design photography is a form of visual communication that combines art and photography. Creative design photographs can be used to illustrate complex ideas that cannot be found in nature, or real life experience. If you can imagine it, a skilled and experienced creative design photographer can bring it to life. Doug Davis has the creative expertise to craft models, sculptures, and dioramas to execute whatever idea or concept a client requests.

Doug gets calls from clients who may need pictures of a cityscape made from computer parts, or photographs of an original model or sculpture. He may get a request to make a Lego-scape, a robot, or to advertise a farmer’s market using a veggie mosaic. Doug loves those calls, because he can call forth his playfulness and creativity!

Although Doug brings the finalized idea to life in photographs, the client drives the creative design process here at D-Squared Studios. You can simply give Doug an idea and let him bring it to fruition; you can supply more detail; or you can provide finished comps, or pencil comps. Where ever you are in the concept development process, Doug will work with you to move your project forward until the end result is the realization of your vision.

Browse through Doug’s Creative Design Photography gallery to see some of the wildly imaginative, beautifully composed images he has created.