About Drone Photography

Unlimited Use. Unlimited Perspectives.

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV, which is an aircraft without a pilot that can navigate either via artificial intelligence, or by remote operation.  While development and use of drone technology was, for all intents and purposes, initially limited to the military, over the past few years, drones have been developed and sold for personal and commercial use. It’s not uncommon to be at a park and see a drone buzzing above. The idea of drones being used for online shopping deliveries and for monitoring traffic has been all over the news.

Another practical use for drones is drone photography. Doug Davis, your Dallas photographer not only specializes in commercial photography and video production, he has added drone photography/videography to his repertoire.

Drones that are used for photography have cameras built-in or have cameras mounted to them, and function via remote control. Drone photography allows you to capture a bird’s eye view of a landscape, lake, wedding, and more, and to photograph unique angles and perspectives that were impossible before. Drone photography can provide stunning video or photographs from amazing heights without the need for an airplane or pilot, and without loads of preparation, expense, or risk. Uses for drone photography include:

Environmental photography: Drones can be used to photograph or video areas that are too dangerous or difficult for humans to explore.

Photojournalism: Photojournalists can safely document major happenings more accurately and from unique angles without getting in harm’s way.

Lifestyle photography: Capture your wedding, a sporting event, party, or picnic from a unique perspective.

Business: Insurance companies can inspect roofs or disaster areas for insurance purposes. Construction companies can perform fly-overs of their construction sites for progress and safety checks. Real-estate companies can take photographs of the expansive grounds of a private or commercial property.

And much, much more!