About Food Photography

Does it Look Good Enough to Eat?

Photographing food provides many challenges. A burger may look plump and juicy when it first comes off the grill; fresh guacamole may have a smooth texture and bright green color; and your homemade salsa may feature bright red tomatoes, crisp white onions, and bright green cilantro. However, within seconds, the juices dry up and the burger goes flat; the guacamole is no longer an attractive green but a mushy brown; and your salsa… the cilantro has degraded to tiny, slimy black flecks. In short, you’re pressed for time when photographing food, and that’s before you make the effort to plate it!

Beverages provide their own set of challenges… from glass reflections–to watery drinks from melted ice–to condensation–to the separation of ingredients creating a dark brown blob at the bottom of the glass–to liquid visual distortion–there are so many ways a food shoot can go wrong. Food photography should convey the aroma, texture, and flavor of the food; and the crisp, cool effect of a cold drink on a hot summer day in a two-dimensional visual image. This is easier said than done.

If you’re in the food business and you need mouthwatering images for menus, magazines, brochures, food blogs, cookbooks, or more, don’t risk doing it yourself. Doug Davis, your Dallas food photographer, possesses expertise in light, color, and texture, and has years of experience highlighting the very best qualities of any dish.

Doug also knows the many tricks to keep your food looking fresh during a shoot! His signature approach to photographing food utilizes the talent and experience of food stylists and designers. Doug employs dynamic lighting and unique angles to create an engaging image. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen billboards with a sizzling burger–and although you’d only eaten a short time ago–you suddenly smelled it, heard the sizzle, and tasted the “special sauce” on your tongue. You just had to pull off at the next exit and experience the mouthwatering flavor. Let Doug create this experience for your business!