About Videography

Capturing Memories

We all love to watch home movies. Your DIY videos aren’t going to win an Academy Award, but you enjoy seeing them none-the-less because they have sentimental value. Video is a powerful medium for expressing emotion and telling stories. It can be used by individuals and businesses alike to convey a message and capture an event.

The work of videographers is everywhere. Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, business meetings, sporting events, advertisements, and live TV are all captured by talented professionals.  Today, videographers have more tools than ever at their disposal. Working with these creative individuals can help you execute the vision of your brand or your special day.

An experienced and skilled videographer can provide videos that are creative, artistic, edgy, colorful, trendy, old-fashioned, new-fashioned…depending on what the client desires and the subject matter. Don’t waste your time and money on an amateur (or trying to do it yourself!). Enlist the services of a professional. Ask for testimonials, take a look at their portfolio, discuss their experience. An experienced videographer will employ a variety of methods to bring your vision to life.


Dallas videographer, Doug Davis, has years of practical experience, a fun and easy-going attitude, and a gift for problem solving on the set. Doug not only uses several methods, he wears several hats throughout the video production and post-production process. Doug is director, lighting, sound guy, electrician, and more, all wrapped up into one, and has created video projects for the likes of:

  • Red Bull
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • United Leather

Check out Doug’s Video Gallery to see what he can do for you!