Dallas Photographer Answers FAQs About Video Production


A major part of any advertising campaign involves a commercial. In the span of a few seconds, you have the opportunity to visually represent your company or product. A commercial can be beautiful, funny, or shocking, but no matter what style you have in mind, your spot needs to look good. At D-Squared Studios, your Dallas photographer, Doug Davis, offers the skills and creativity needed to create a mesmerizing video spot. In today’s blog, Doug answers frequently asked questions about our video production process.

Dallas Video Production Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Doug handle more than one aspect of the video production process?

Answer: Yes. When you work with D-Squared Studios, Doug will wear a number of hats throughout the production process. He can be everything from a director to a gofer, providing on set problem solving and creative solutions any issues encountered during production.

Question: Does D20 Studios have examples of Doug’s videography work?

Answer: Yes! When you visit our webpage, simply click on the videography link. There, you will see a number of examples of past work, including commercials for United Leather, Ronald McDonald House, and a Red Bull contest video. See first hand how Doug’s creativity and experience translates into an engaging product.

Question: Does Doug have experience filming commercial and advertising spots?

Answer: Yes. Form Yoga studios to major corporations; Doug has compiled a long list of satisfied clientele.

Question: What other creative services does Doug provide?

Answer: In addition to video production services, Doug offers creative professional photography. From lifestyle photographer to creative design and portraits, Doug can make your vision a reality.

Professional Video Production in Dallas

Interested in promoting your business or charity with high quality video spots? Doug Davis can help bring your vision to life with creative and engaging video production. Your Dallas photographer can even help with the pre and post-production work. D-Squared Studios is located at 4312 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. You can reach our Dallas office by calling (214)746-6336, or email Doug at doug.davis@d2studios.net. We will be happy to consult with you regarding any of your commercial photography needs.