Dallas Photographer Shares the History of Food Photography

fruit still-lifeDo you know how food photography originated? Endless television shows on the Food Network showcase the magic of food photography, yet not many people know how the practice began.

In this fun and informative article, Mr. Doug Davis, your Dallas photographer, highlights the history of food photography for his clients.

When Did Food Photography Begin?

Back in the 17th Century, the beginnings of food photography first appeared as paintings. The purpose was to capture the natural beauty of the fruit in an everyday settings. Painters were summoned by wealthy patrons to create lavish still-life paintings of food displayed upon great tables—at least in Rome and France. However, in Spain food paintings were generally less grandiose in appearance. In other words, the foods were place in smaller settings with only a few varieties of certain items.

Later in the 18th Century, painting styles changed and food was no longer depicted in a such large quantities. Instead, the food times were selected for their unusual qualities. For example, if a certain fruit had a curious looking exterior, it would appear in the painting alongside other unique foods.

Once the turn of the 19th Century hit, the introduction of the camera changed the manner in which food photography was created. At first, the pictures were simply remakes of already made and famed still-life paintings. Artists like Talbot and Hippolyte were producing beautiful pictures of fruit baskets on tables and linen cloths. This tradition continued until the present-day, where food photography captures the attention of millions in commercials and television shows.

Food Photography Today

Now, with expanding modern technology, taking pictures of food is easier and clearer than ever. With highly pixelated cameras and brighter flashes, food still-lives contain even more beauty. With the help of your Dallas photographer virtually anything from wedding cakes to sushi for restaurants, can become permanently immortalized within a photography.

To Showcase Your Delicious Foods, Choose Your Dallas Photographer

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