Stock Photography vs. Professional Photographer

12-AHAHave you ever seen an attractive photograph on one company’s website or advertisements, and then witnessed the exact same photo on ads for a completely different company, service, and/or product? Stock photography describes photographs that are licensed for public and commercial use, usually found grouped on websites that charge subscribers a recurring fee to use their images. When choosing between hiring a professional photographer and using stock photography for your website or project, Dallas photographer, Doug Davis, advises looking closely at what you want your visual marketing to achieve. Depending on your needs, stock photography may not be suitable for developing interest in your potential clients and customers.

Photographs that Speak for You

Most companies, businesses, and firms pride themselves on providing a unique product or service, and their marketing campaign should strongly reflect their individuality. Even if you simply wish to portray a high-quality level of customer service, taking professional photographs of the office, including a few smiling employees (preferably interacting with satisfied customers), will portray the message better than cached, often-reproduced images of obscure models. Your goal should be to produce images that are memorable for their content and impact, not because they were plastered on several other advertisements, as well. Likewise, if your product stands above the competition, then widely-used stock photos of a similar product may not be able to exhibit its superiority. While clever wording and catchy headings are important, allowing your customer to “know” what you offer through custom professional photography is the most effective method for developing the connection necessary to draw them in.

What to Consider

A common misconception is that stock photos are less expensive than personalized professional photography because they’re essentially generic. The truth, however, is that dealing with rights-managed or royalty-free images can become pricey, and in some instances, a subscription to a stock photo site means you may end up paying for photographs that you’ll never use. Depending on the scope of the project, the price of hiring a professional photographer can vary greatly. With extensive experience creating visually striking photographs for a wide variety of clients, Doug Davis can work closely with you to create original, visually striking images that accurately reflect your company while minimizing your visual marketing costs.

About Doug Davis:

Dallas-based commercial photographer Doug Davis has worked with a wide range of clients, from American Airlines to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. If you need a creative professional photographer or videographer to lend inspiration to your project, contact D-Squared Studios, today at (214) 746-6336.