Is Stock Photography Good Enough for Your Business?

man on laptop 1With the prevalence of free or low-cost stock photos on the web, many businesses are opting to incorporate low-cost, one-size-fits-all images into their marketing campaigns. One can certainly argue that this practice may save money in the short-term. However, are short-term savings worth compromising your marketing efforts and perhaps lowering your revenue in the long term as a result? Wouldn’t it be better to get photographs that fulfill your creative vision or represent your products exactly as you want them represented? Numerous successful businesses have made this very choice, opting to work with Dallas commercial photographer Doug Davis instead of purchasing stock photography. This decision has yielded some excellent marketing materials and has, no doubt, served to draw in customers who are enticed by the customized visuals created by a professional photographer.

The Shortcomings of Stock Photography

Imagine for a moment (if you do not) that you own a restaurant. In addition to creating a savory lineup of dishes and a pleasant atmosphere where your patrons can dine, you would need to create an enticing menu. Many menus, of course, contain mouthwatering pictures of select dishes, which temp restaurant-goers to order what they see. Turning to stock photography for these photos would likely be a poor business decision for a couple of reasons. First, the likelihood of finding a photograph of the very dish that you will serve is miniscule. Second, if by some chance you do manage to find a photograph of your restaurant’s dish, it may not fulfill your expectations. The lighting may be strange or the photograph may not embody the character of your food and the personality of your restaurant.

However, if you were to forego stock photography in favor of a professional food photographer like Doug Davis, you would be able to communicate your vision to an experienced professional. This element of communication along with the presence of your restaurant’s actual food would likely yield a stronger and more appealing menu than one that incorporates stock photos.

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