Creative Design Photography: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

22-18bAs a commercial photographer, Doug Davis has captured everything from foodie spreads to ultra-luxe jewelry and people in motion. Framing the shot, adjusting the lights, and optimizing for color and movement all require skill and creativity. How is that different from creative design photography in Dallas, TX? It’s all creative, right?

Well, yes, but…

The key word here is “design,” as in designing and creating something–a diorama, model, or sculpture, perhaps–before photographing it. Let’s use an example from Doug’s product photography portfolio. Movado, a luxury watch brand, needed a clear, striking image of a particular watch model, the type of product image you would see in a catalog or on a website. The product was there, fully assembled and ready to be photographed.

Now, how might a creative design project have played out? Picture this: The phone at D2 Studios rings, and Doug answers it. Another luxury watch manufacturer is on the line, and he has a fabulous idea for an upcoming ad campaign promoting a collaboration with a recycling advocacy group. A nice product shot of the watch would be nice, but what the client really wants is a picture of a giant wristwatch–made entirely out of soda cans and anchovy tins. This is creative design photography, and it’s never dull.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

This is the essence of creative design–the ability to create images from scratch. Whether you have a clear vision or a general concept, Doug will make it happen. Legos? Finger puppets? A toilet paper snow fort? No problem.

About Doug Davis: Dallas-based commercial photographer Doug Davis works with big-name clients in retail, nonprofits, technology, and fine dining. If you need the creative touch of an experienced photographer or videographer. , call D2, or D-Squared Studios, today at (214) 746-6336.