How Do Dallas Businesses Use Commercial Photography?

19-14aAs a business owner, you owe it to yourself to present your company and its goods in the most appealing, honest way possible. Hiring a commercial photographer in Dallas, TX allows you to build your image in a way that best reflects your vision and goals. A few decades ago, a business had little need for photography other than for use in printed marketing materials. Today, things have changed dramatically. A business can now benefit from photography by incorporating images into its brand identity, website, and social media in addition to its print materials, says Doug Davis of D-Squared Studios.

Selling a Product With Photography

When it isn’t possible to actually touch or try a product in person, product photography gives the viewer a better feel for its design and functions, focusing on the item itself. This differs from commercial photography used in advertising, which may include images of people using or interacting with the product. Whether your business operates online or as a bricks-and-mortar retailer, images of your products are ideal for use in your online storefront or print catalog.

Promote Your Business With Photography

Commercial photography helps create and communicate a desirable image for your brand and its products and services. For example, you might include images of your employees or physical location with a press release, or on your website. When you control photographic images of your business, you also control your business image. Suppose you have an attractive storefront that distinguishes your location from other businesses. Wouldn’t you want to include that image wherever possible, as opposed to gaining exposure solely through customers’ Instagram pictures?

Photography Appeals to the Senses

Most people think of Dallas commercial photography as a strictly visual art. While it’s true that pictures appeal most directly to the eyes, an effective photograph can also convey hints of fragrance, taste, and touch. This makes photography invaluable to caterers, restaurateurs, food bloggers, and publishers, who can use the images for menus and marketing materials, websites, and social media. You can find examples of artful food photography in this gallery. Professional portraits of chefs, wait staff, and other foodie enthusiasts add a personal touch to public relations. Images of the exterior and dining areas add to the effect.

About Doug Davis and D2 Studios: Doug’s professionalism, creativity, and dedication has made him an asset to some of the most well-known businesses at both the local and national level. He provides commercial photography and videography in Dallas and the surrounding areas, and offers creative direction services. To learn more about D2 Studios, find us on Facebook or contact us at 214-776-6336.