Got a Unique Vision? We Can Make it an Image

10-Swiss-Army-EyeglassesIf you’re not an artist, then transposing the vision you have in your head into a tangible, visible image can be difficult. Even if you have an excellent camera, how can a picture capture the magnificent idea you wish to convey? Creative design photography, one of Dallas photographer Doug Davis’ specialties, can transform your “out there” concept into an eye-catching, unforgettable visual design. In fact, Doug’s favorite client calls begin with, “I’m not sure how you’re going to pull this off, but…” On the other hand, creative design photography can also take a seemingly-ordinary concept and create a unique, one-of-a-kind vision that leaves a lasting impression.

A Greater Impact with Creative Design Photography

Have you ever seen a photo on a website or billboard and thought, “I’ve seen that before?” Recognizable images garner attention, but it might not be the kind of attention that benefits your business. By the time you remembered where you saw that picture before, you probably already passed the billboard or already clicked past the website without noting the actual advertisement. Stock photography sites contain thousands upon thousands of licensed, “stock” photos that, in some cases, might portray your idea perfectly. However, something can be lost in the translation of your ideas when you utilize imagery that’s also used by countless others.

What Makes Creative Design Different?

Besides photographs of original models, Doug Davis’ creative designs also incorporate sculptures, dioramas, custom-created backdrops and product arrangements, and a heart-felt joy in bringing your vision to life. (You can see examples of recent creative designs by visiting the gallery on our website.) At D2 Studios, the creative process is driven by the client, allowing you to observe and offer input at every stage to make sure the final results meet your highest standards. We can work closely with you at every step of the creation, sending daily snapshots of the project’s progress, or you can send us your concept and enjoy the surprise of the final product.

About Doug Davis:

Dallas-based commercial photographer Doug Davis has worked with a wide range of clients, from American Airlines to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. If you need a creative professional photographer or videographer to capture the especially precious events in your life, then contact D-Squared Studios, today at (214) 746-6336.