What Is Creative Design Photography?

creativedesignIt may seem that all photography is creative to an extent, but some subjects require more creativity. For instance, if you’re taking a scenic picture in nature you are working with natural beauty. The angle, time of day, and use of a particular lens might factor in, but if you are working with objects that don’t particularly possess “natural beauty” like a hanger for instance, the photographer must find the creativity or beauty in the curves, texture, or color of that hanger. He or she may need to add color or texture, a background, distance, or other interesting facets to the photograph. That’s creative design photography.  

Imagination, Imagination, Imagination

Photographers love to use their imaginations and their creativity. Anyone can point a camera and snap a picture but that may not make for a catchy photograph. Photographs are emotive. They appeal to the emotions, and there are numerous ways to make a simple puzzle piece, sneaker, or piece of jewelry stir your emotion, believe it or not. As with any photos, color, lighting, angle, lens size, shutter speed, focus, background, foreground, and other aspects of a photograph can help develop your vision.

Bring It On

Bring your vision to D2 Studios and see it come to life.  Our creative development is driven by our customers. They may have already prepared pencil comps, finished comps, or simply have an idea that they want brought to fruition. Let us work with you on each step or help you finalize your idea. Do you need wildly imaginative? Are you using models or sculptures? Is your vision made up of childhood building blocks, or simple computer parts? Regardless, let D2 create the impact that you desire in a hands-on and timely, professional manner. We will help bring it to life, but it will be your vision from start to finish.


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