Creative Design Photography: A Form Of Art

creativeDTo take a picture all you really have to do is point the camera and shoot, or you can make it a work of art by considering the angle, lighting, background, color, and more. The latter type of photography is an art form. It requires creativity, vision, skill, and artistic acuity. Creative design photography is a type of photography that is often far more than just pointing a camera and shooting. It is the execution of a client’s idea that may be carried out in unique ways such as using models and/or sculptures. Creative design photography is a form of art.

The Importance of Creative Visuals

Research shows that 90 percent of information transmitted to the human brain is in visual form and that the brain processes visuals faster than the written or spoken word, in fact 60 thousand times faster. Just under half the population responds to visuals in more positive ways than the written or spoken word. The fact is that people engage in visual stimulation faster and more often than text. Not only are visuals interesting, colorful, and attractive, they are a great way to encourage more traffic to your website, and grow your market (whatever that may be). And it doesn’t end there. Enjoy our fill-in-the-blank activity below!

Fill in the Blank:

____________ A form of visual communication.

____________ One way to execute a visual idea.

____________ A second way to execute a creative photograph.

____________ A third way to create a unique creative visual.

____________ The person with the original concept.

____________ The person who brings the creative design to fruition.

____________ One use for creative photography.

____________ A second use for creative photography.

____________ Creating compelling visual images.

Answers to Choose from:

  • Client
  • Photographer
  • Sculpture
  • Dioramas
  • Advertisements
  • Creative Photography
  • Magazine Articles
  • Models
  • Photography


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