Lights, Camera, Action!

lights, camera, actionA photographer often wears many hats especially if they own their own business. Their role can run from taking the pictures to making decisions regarding lighting, sound, and electrical, or they may act as the director, making the final decisions about all aspects of the video or photo shoot. A director has to have artistic vision, be creative, and think outside the box because there are many decisions to be made before they call lights, camera, action!

What the Director Does and What Skills They Need to Do It

The role of a director is to create the look, feel, and visual identity of a photograph, film, or video, and if they are taking photographs they work with the subjects of the photo, too. Therefore, they manage all aspects of the project from choosing the location, the equipment, the positions of the equipment, the lenses, film, props, poses, etc.  They collaborate with set designers, costumers, makeup artists, and the subjects themselves in the case of still photos. In order to do this, the director needs to:

  • Be knowledgeable about lighting techniques and camera equipment
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Be diplomatic and tactful
  • Be able to work with people
  • Communicate clearly
  • Possess good vision
  • Possess an understanding of color and composition
  • Be able to improvise
  • Make quick decisions
  • Be attentive to detail

The director, then, is responsible for all artistic and technical decisions that go into a video, film, or photo shoot.

Color, Space and Creativity

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