What Is Lifestyle Photography?

dslifestyleWhat is lifestyle photography? Simply put, this is a type of shoot where the photographer works to capture a moment in time. These are often important to a business to showcase people enjoying products or so potential clients can see your company’s hard working staff in action. We can create a realistic or possibly even a whimsical look at you or your services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifestyle Photography?

Question: How does the photographer “capture a moment?”

Answer: While the goal is for the pictures to look like they were taken in the moment, the reality is the photographer will need to do a lot of planning. For quality lifestyle images we will incorporate lighting, composition, and choose the best part of your company or property to take the images. We can then create a “moment” that looks spontaneous but is still high quality, one you can place on your website or as part of your promotional materials.

Question: Is this a companion to product photography?

Answer: Yes. We often also take product photos as part of the package. If you operate a restaurant or a store, both your products and your team should be featured on your website or in any promotional materials. We can work with you to decide exactly how you want your company and team represented.

Question: Can I see examples?

Answer: Absolutely. By visiting the website you can see many examples of both our product and lifestyle photography. You can see our portfolio and even find ideas you may want to incorporate in your website.

Question: What other services does D2 offer?

Answer: We offer a wide range of services, including videography and photography. We can also create creative images, portrait or family pictures. If you have any questions or concerns about our approach to lifestyle photos, then please contact our office today.


Doug Davis has been producing professional, engaging videos and product, food, and lifestyle photography from his Dallas, TX, studio for more than 20 years. D-Squared Studios is located at 4312 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, 75226. Contact our office at (214) 746-6336 or email Doug at doug.davis@d2studios.net.