Are You Local? Promote Yourself!

promote-yourselfThe Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex is chock full of competition no matter what field you are in. Are you a carpenter, a roofer, a health and fitness instructor, a restaurant owner? No matter what business you are in, no matter how big or how small, you need to promote yourself and we can help!

Get Yourself Noticed

While much of business is generated by word-of-mouth, the way you present yourself is huge. If your photographs, advertisements, the images on your website, etc., are unprofessional, it will be noticed. Compare the restaurant down the street with McDonald’s, for instance. The business down the street prints their own photos, their own advertisements, their own menus and they are sub-standard. Although they may have a great, healthy product, it looks like they are trying to save money so you wonder about their food, cleanliness, and service.

McDonald’s, on the other hand, uses professional photographs highlighting each individual ingredient. The photos are so real and delicious looking that they make your mouth water. McDonalds food is not the highest quality, healthiest out there, but it doesn’t matter because they present themselves in a quality way by using visually stimulating photographs.

That’s what professional photography can do for you. When you present yourself or your business in a professional way, you will pull people off the street, get them into your store, business, or restaurant, and once they are in, you can wow them with your service. Getting yourself noticed amongst all the competition can be a daunting task. Let professional photography help you.

Check us Out

Check out our Facebook page to see the local businesses we’ve helped, including:

  • Lululemon Athletica: They are great about promoting local teachers.
  • M/C/C: A Dallas advertising and PR firm.
  • Pollo Tropical: We have been helping Pyro Agency for almost a year with this campaign in which we make sculptures out of the Pollo Tropical food.
  • Texas Instruments: We helped Texas Instruments with their calculator promotions.
  • And more!


Doug Davis has been producing professional, engaging videos and product, food, and lifestyle photography from his Dallas, TX, studio for more than 20 years. D-Squared Studios is located at 4312 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, 75226. Contact our office at (214) 746-6336 or email Doug at