The Importance of a Professional Headshot

One of Doug Davis’s recent photo shoots included taking a professional headshot of Peter Balta, President of Texas Instruments Education Technology. While Doug considered photographing Peter Balta a privilege, Peter was extremely happy with the results of the shoot. Professional headshots are crucial these days because with the rise of social media, people expect to see pictures of who they are interacting with, or who they are doing business with. Peter Balta understands this, and so does Doug. Whether you need an original headshot, or your headshot updated, Doug will be happy to help.

We All Judge a Book by Its Cover

It’s a fact that we all judge a book by its cover regardless of the saying warning us against it. We are hardwired to judge quickly, regardless of how effective that judging turns out to be. When judging a person, we look at their attractiveness, the way they hold themselves, their facial expression, what they are wearing, how well it fits, whether they appear neat and clean, and by all these cues we decide if that person is approachable, trusty worthy, intelligent, qualified, and more. Therefore, we are all judged, or perceived, by the way we look. Especially when it comes to professional situations such as a business meeting or job interview. That’s why professional headshots are so important. A headshot not only lends you credibility, it gives you a chance to make a great first impression, before you even meet perspective business partners, buyers, sellers, etc.

Another Reason

In today’s world, which largely takes place online, not having a professional headshot is no longer optional. In fact, research shows that those bios and LinkedIn profiles that aren’t accompanied by a photograph may actually get passed over for ones that are.  So, whether you are a business owner, a CEO, or just looking for a job, don’t be dismissed out of hand because you don’t have a headshot.

If You Need a Professional Headshot, Call Doug!

If you are in need of a professional headshot for your company, business, website, or LinkedIn profile, schedule an appointment with Doug Davis at D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX, today by calling (214) 746-6336; or email Doug at