The Many Roles Of The Professional Photographer

If you need a video project or photo shoot for your company, business, school, nonprofit organization, etc., hiring a professional photographer is the best choice. There are so many roles a professional photographer plays, or he or she will have the staff and crew to perform those roles in a professional manner. Are you familiar with configuring photography gear, special lenses, lighting, and how to use multiple cameras? These are only some of what a professional photographer knows and understands when performing a shoot. There are many roles that a professional photographer plays.

Producer and Director

Unless the professional photographer has a staff and crew, they perform a number of roles including producer and director. While the producer is generally in charge of the budget and other details including the scope and schedule of the shoot, the director provides the artistic vision and ensures this vision is adhered to by all parties involved.

Crew Members

When the photographer is behind the camera, he or she must focus on lighting, audio, continuity, angles, and overall composition, but that’s not all.  To do this and more, they are taking on the roles of:

The audio engineer: Capturing clear audio with appropriate volume is one of the most difficult aspects of a video shoot.

The Gaffer: The gaffer is often in charge of designing and executing lighting.

The Grip: The grip can help implement lighting, as well as create and manage camera support systems such as dollies for the movement of cameras, and tripods.

The Camera assistant: The camera assistant would be responsible for setting up cameras and lenses, and helping with the manual focusing of cameras.

Data technician:  Responsible for the memory cards.

And remember, this doesn’t even count post production!

Wondering If You Should Do It Yourself?

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