The Need for Speed with Food Photography

Photography is an invaluable asset for restaurants and food producers. Capturing the essence of a delicious dish in an image helps with marketing and awareness. Showcasing the appetizing awesomeness of a food seems easy enough. However, what you see with your eye doesn’t always match what comes out in the camera. You need to account for light, framing, and focus like you would with any other style of photography. However, unlike working with a human subject, you can’t give food direction. You have to manually adjust the product yourself. Furthermore, you have to do so on a condensed timeline. Food looks best just after it’s been prepared, so there’s an obvious need for speed when it comes to food photography.

Prepare Your Camera Settings So You Can Move With Speed When Taking Food Photography

Before shooting any images, decide on your location. Determine the light and framing ahead of time. Shoot some samples first so you can decide on a look. This way, when you’re ready to take your actual photos you can move quickly. Whether it’s a latte or a rack of ribs, food almost always looks best just after it’s been prepared. Be sure to have plenty of extra food so that you can work with fresh product.

Consider Having a Food Stylist On Set

This is another way to maximize the time you have to shoot. Food stylists work with the product to make sure it looks its absolute best. If you’re the one taking the photographs, you want to focus on the camera, so dividing the work can be incredibly helpful. Even if your partner isn’t a trained food stylist, having someone to smooth out the nacho cheese between pictures can simplify the process.

Hire a Professional for Quality Food Photography

Of course, when it comes to important projects, consulting with an expert is always a good choice. A professional food photographer can work with speed to deliver quality images of your product. Doug Davis is a professional photographer in Dallas. From D-Squared Studios, Doug has delivered companies and individuals alike with incredible photos and videos for over twenty years. To team up with a talented expert, contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336.