Trust an Expert with Food Photography

When you get hungry, a powerful image of food can stick with you. Maybe you don’t start to see your friends as giant honey hams (a la a Looney Toons bit), but you may picture a particularly delicious meal you’ve enjoyed. When food photography is at its best, it’s an exceptional sensory experience. It creates a memory that can be recalled, or invites a person to try a new experience. If you’re in the business of food, you need quality food photography. It’s as simple as that. When it comes to important projects, you need to trust an expert with your food photography. This is one of the most difficult disciplines of photography to execute.

Food Photography Is All About Timing

One of the reasons food photography is so tricky to execute, is that it often requires impeccable timing. Food products take manipulation to look their best on camera. Often times the photographer will have only a matter of minutes — or even seconds — to get the shot before the moment is gone. You have to be able to execute your shoot on a precise timeline and work with people who understand this unforgiving schedule. An expert food photographer can deliver high-quality images of food that showcase your product in the best possible light.

Food Photography Requires a Team Effort Led by an Expert

As food photography is a particularly delicate dance, the process requires the leadership of an expert. A talented professional can hire the right crew and ensure that everyone is on the same page. When a team works in harmony, the resulting images can be mouthwatering. That’s exactly what you want! You want your food photography to evoke the experience of eating the food itself. When your marketing materials are irresistable, the experience you provide will be irresistible too.

Time to Enlist a Professional for Food Photography

Doug Davis is a Dallas-area photographer that has over twenty years of experience. Working with clients of all sizes, and across all disciplines, Doug has developed a refined taste and efficient technique. He has a special affinity for food photography, along with plenty of know how, so even the trickiest of products look excellent through his lens. To hire Doug for your project, contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336.