How To Get The Most From Your Product Photography

Doing business in 2018 is all about image and branding. In fact, you’re arguably only as good as your website and social media channels. If you’re trying to attract new business, you need an appealing online presence underscored by a strong reputation. You also need visual content to fill that website. That’s where the value of product photography comes into play. No matter what your product is (even if your product is a service), you must be able to capture the essence of that product (what makes it unique/fun/valuable) in visual content. Here’s how you can get the most out of your product photography.

Add Variety While Maintaining Visual Consistency

This tip feels like an absolute oxymoron when you read it, but it’s actually a nuanced idea. Branding is largely about consistency and repetition, but you can’t let those qualities cause your content to become stale. Always showcasing the same product in the same way will cause your audience to lose interest.

If you typically shoot close-ups of your product, try some wide shots with people using your product. Try showing off your product in an irregular setting that causes your audience to think. Take these sorts of risks while adhering to a style guide for color, composition, and editing and notice how it brings your product to life.

Your Audience Should Influence Your Visuals, But Your Visuals Can Influence Your Audience Too

This is another semi-puzzling axiom that is all about balance. Do your research before creating product photography content. Who uses your product? Put those types of people in your photography so that your audience can see themselves. However, if you want to influence your audience to behave a certain way or feel a certain way about your product or business, use your product photography to communicate that as well. It’s all a delicate dance.

Go with a Professional When You Want Quality Product Photography

If you need product photography that will help shape your brand and attract new business, you want the help of a professional. Doug Davis comes with years of experience across a variety of photography disciplines. Doug can lend his creative eye and technical expertise to create visually stunning images. For booking information and work samples, contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336.