Use Photography to Make a Soft Sell

Photography and digital media have so many applications for business owners. Product photography is an oft-used discipline of photography that seeks to showcase a product and its features. It can be easy to think of product photography as a direct ad pitch for a consumer. The photos or videos show how to use a product, how convenient the product is, or what unique features set it apart from competitors. However, product photography has more dimensions to it. Especially in spaces like social media, photography can be used to make a soft sell.

Your Product May Be Background Dressing in a Photography Shoot

Not every piece of media that features your product has to involve a call to action. On platforms like social media, taking more of a lifestyle photography approach to product photography makes for a gentler sell. This style of media is generally better received by consumers operating in a social space.

For example, if your product is food, you can take a beautiful close up of a menu item and assert how delicious it is. You can also dress a scene that focuses on two good friends connecting and sharing a great time together. Your food sits on plates between the friends, but the people in the photo are the subject. Both forms of photography are valid, but each sets a different tone.

The Platform You’re Using Dictates the Tone of Your Photography

This isn’t to say that a beauty shot of your product isn’t a useful form of photography. Your website should absolutely include photography that showcases your product. You should also consider the aesthetic and audience of each media platform that you use. The product photography on your website will look different than the content on a blog, or on Facebook, or Instagram, or on mailers. Taking a conscious approach to your product media will lead to a better ROI on marketing materials.

Doug Davis Understands the Value of Media Variety

Whether you need to show off just what it is that makes your product special, or you want to make a soft sell with your product, Doug Davis can help. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Doug has produced incredible work for a variety of companies, brands, and individuals. Doug understands audience and how to adjust his photography to strike the right tone. For booking information and sample work, contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336 today.