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How Drone Photography Can Help Sell Your Property

At this point, most everybody has probably seen a drone hovering somewhere above them, either at a park, a fair, a sporting event, etc. Drones are the in thing and they are here to stay. Drone photography can provide not only cool, unique, and creative photos, it can help you sell your property. Drones can… Read more »

Drone Aerial Photography

There are numerous uses for drone photography that at one time required a helicopter or other aircraft, and days of planning and strategizing. While photographers who utilize drones need to be aware of restricted airspace, drone photography can be faster and easier, as well as provide striking photos from extreme heights and unique angles. If… Read more »

Need A Professional Drone Photographer? Look No Further!

Drone photography has become extremely popular lately, and it’s no wonder, it’s amazing! Photos and videos taken with drones can provide you personally, or any business, with content competitors can’t match. But there is a lot to drone photography including knowing what kind of drone to invest in, how to man the drone with the… Read more »

Are Drones The Next Best Thing For Wedding Photography?

There is no doubt that drones can provide some unique aerial shots of weddings, but are there drawbacks? Not only do the bride and groom have the jitters on their wedding day, so does their wedding photographer. Weddings are very special and no one wants subpar photographs or footage. They want the best. The very… Read more »

How Does Drone Photography Work?

Drone photography has evolved in recent years and become more prevalent as drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs, have become more accessible for commercial and personal use. Drone photography makes it possible to take aerial shots that show an expansive landscape or previously unavailable perspective without the use of a manned aircraft…. Read more »

What is Drone Photography?

“Drone” is quite the buzz word at the moment. There has been much hubbub about the use of drones becoming more commonplace for personal and business use, including the use of drones for online shopping deliveries and monitoring traffic. But there’s an even better use of drones that is near and dear to our hearts:… Read more »

The Form and Function of Flyover Photography

In our last post, we celebrated D-Squared Studio’s newest acquisition: a camera-equipped drone. While drones have been used in military operations since at least the 1970s, commercial and recreational use of unmanned aerial vehicles has grown over the last few years. Today, we’re going to take a more in depth look at both the practical,… Read more »

The Essentials of Drone Photography

Last week, D-Squared Studio proudly announced our newest arrival: our very own drone. We’re guessing you’ve heard of drones, especially in the context of modern warfare and pizza delivery, but you’re probably wondering why in the world a perfectly normal photographer like Doug might need one. Today, we’re answering a few essential questions to help… Read more »