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Does Your Photo Shoot Need Gear?

Gadgets are fun — they’re designed to make things easier for you. However, up-to-date tools and gadgets are often expensive as well. This is especially true when it comes to the realm of photography and video. So, how do you decide when to pay for the goods, and when you can get by on some… Read more »

Beginning Photography Part 2

For those of you interested in taking up amateur photography, we discussed the camera and the lens in our last blog, but there is more equipment that you may want and need.  When it comes to purchasing photography equipment it can be challenging to say the least. There is information all over the Internet regarding… Read more »

For The Beginning Photographer

If you are interested in picture taking, are always looking for unique subjects and interesting angles for your photos, you may be interested in becoming an amateur photographer. Today, iPhones have made it easy to point and click, and they can produce some pretty nice looking pictures, but if you want to use those pictures… Read more »

The Debate Between Digital And Traditional Photography

If you’re a photographer you can’t help but be interested in the differences between digital photography and traditional photography. There is, and may likely always will be, an ongoing debate as to which is better. Digital photography requires an array of electronic photodetectors to capture images.  Each image is recorded as dots and stored in memory…. Read more »

5 Uses for Creative Design Photography

Photographs are capable of communicating immense complexity to convey a unique message or vision. But how do you create a photograph like this, one that brings your vision to life and complements your personal and professional style? Enter creative design photography. Unlike lifestyle or product photography, this form of photography utilizes props, lighting and an… Read more »

Benefits of Lifestyle Photography for Business

You may think of lifestyle photography as the at-home family photos or atmospheric wedding photos you cherish. But there is more to lifestyle photography: It also serves an important role in business to personalize your brand, connect with customers, and enhance your business materials. Lifestyle photography is photography that captures people in natural and relaxed… Read more »

Your Simple Guide to Taking Great Blog Pictures

It comes as a shock to absolutely no one that blogs are a big thing. Everyone, from celebrities to hipster foodies to the vegan stay-at-home-mom next door, uses this digital medium to express themselves and share their knowledge. Other than the writing, good-looking pictures can make or break a blog. While professional bloggers, especially those… Read more »

Capturing Christmas: Top Tips for Great Holiday Pics

Christmas pictures are forever. Whether they’re goofy, earnest, or just plain sweet, pictures from Christmas parties and Christmas mornings are what memories are made of. Be sure to follow our three simple photography tips for creating fun, contemporary Christmas pictures. Bring Plenty of Backup If there’s one essential rule of capturing great Christmas pictures, it’s

Videography: A Powerful Part of Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

One of the greatest challenges faced by nonprofits is the constricting effect of a sluggish economy on charitable giving. As competition for funding and supporters’ donations grows more intense, more and more charities and nonprofits turn to commercial videography in Dallas, TX to deliver their message. A professional digital video campaign attracts prospective advocates, increases… Read more »

Creative Design Photography: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

As a commercial photographer, Doug Davis has captured everything from foodie spreads to ultra-luxe jewelry and people in motion. Framing the shot, adjusting the lights, and optimizing for color and movement all require skill and creativity. How is that different from creative design photography in Dallas, TX? It’s all creative, right? Well, yes, but… The… Read more »