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What You Could Gain From Creative Direction

Quick, how would you describe your brand’s marketing strategy? If you responded, “I don’t know,” or “what brand?” then you may be in need of some creative direction. No matter what your business is, you probably have a website and you definitely have a brand. How you choose to portray your business online will directly… Read more »

Are You Lacking Creative Direction?

As a small business owner, you’re asked to wear a lot of hats. At times, it can feel like anything you don’t take care of personally just won’t get done at all. You need help to keep your business running strong! You may have a great idea of what your product is and how it… Read more »

Who’s Directing Your Next Creative Project?

If you’re a small business owner, brand manager, or marketing director, you’ve got a long list of responsibilities. When you’re trying to keep so many balls in the air, delegation is key. Work with people you trust, but also make sure to trust others with their field of expertise. When it comes time to update… Read more »

Who Do You Trust for Photography Services?

If you own or operate a business, you’re going to need media services at some point. Media are how you establish and maintain your brand. Excellent media and marketing materials can help you stand out in a saturated market or engage your audience. When you need photography and videography services, to whom do you turn?… Read more »

Are You Struggling to Tell Your Story?

Showcasing your company’s product, service, or brand, is a matter of storytelling. Whether it’s through visual or written media, you want to captivate your audience. Thanks to the Internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to establish and maintain a report with your clientele. Creative storytelling is a matter of vision and execution. Even… Read more »

Don’t Take Your Director for Granted

What do you think of when you hear “director?” If you’re not plugged into the world of production, it might be a caricature. The cartoon picture of a director is a portly man causing a fold-out chair to sag as he sits in it hollering cues through a megaphone. Perhaps he’s even wearing something pretentious… Read more »

Why Is Direction So Important for Branding?

You know good content when you see it. Whether it’s a video or image, a piece of media that catches your eye can capture your attention. If you’re responsible for the image of a brand or product, harnessing the power of media is vital for spreading awareness and building an audience. But your brand’s website… Read more »

You Need a Director on Your Next Creative Project

When you hear the word “director,” your mind probably conjures an image of a bossy person wearing a beret and sitting in a fancy chair while yelling “CUT!” Even if a director isn’t quite that cartoonish in your mind, you still may not have a complete picture of what that person brings to the table…. Read more »

The Many Roles Of The Professional Photographer

If you need a video project or photo shoot for your company, business, school, nonprofit organization, etc., hiring a professional photographer is the best choice. There are so many roles a professional photographer plays, or he or she will have the staff and crew to perform those roles in a professional manner. Are you familiar… Read more »

What Does A Director Of Photography Do?

Lights, Camera, Action! Is that what you think of when you think of a film or photography director? You may think that a director of photography does everything to reach the creative end of a photo shoot, video, or film, or you may think that the role of director is quite a mysterious one. After… Read more »