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3 Reasons to Hire an Event Photographer

Event photography is a huge asset for any major event. Photography of the special day will help jog your memory years in the future. While you spend the day experiencing moments, event photography documents the entire timeline, giving you a living memory. When the moment matters, you want to hire a professional event photographer to… Read more »

Event Photography Makes Memories

Everyone wants to capture the special moments in life, and the best way to do that is typically with pictures. Whether it’s a baptism, a wedding, or even a sales meeting, photos help this important events live on. The more work you put into planning an event, the more you want to get out of… Read more »

Who’s Capturing the Fun this Summer?

Everyone loves summer! Summer means time off of work and school to relax, have fun, and do all the things that nasty weather keeps from you. Garden parties, days at the pool, family get-togethers — it’s all par for the course. When you go through the trouble of planning a big summer event, you probably… Read more »

Leave Event Photography to the Pros

When you plan a major event, you’ve got a million things on your mind and your to-do list. Until the event actually arrives, these details and concerns will float around in your head and cost you some sleep and sanity. The best way to attack event planning is to delegate as much as possible. One… Read more »

Don’t Miss a Moment While Trying to Capture It

Thanks to improvements in digital photography, now everyone carries a camera with them. Phone cameras have become powerful technology, capable of taking high-quality pictures. (They can also still be used to take blurry, under-exposed pictures.) Everyone has a camera, so everyone has the ability to capture a moment — and often, everyone does. It has… Read more »

A Professional, Or Your iPhone?

When it comes to hiring professional photography services you may be tempted to opt out and hire an amateur, or just get your cousin, a friend, or someone else to do it. Usually when this happens you are left with photographs that are hit and miss, and that you may end up truly disappointed with…. Read more »

Wedding Photography

The Texas summer heat can be grueling as we have experienced this past summer. That is why October is a popular month for weddings in Texas. Cooler temperatures make the whole fall season a great time for weddings and other events here in the south. If you are planning a wedding, be it in October… Read more »

Are You Going To The Chapel This Summer?

June is the most popular month for weddings, but it’s not too late to hire a professional videographer. Wedding videos have been popular since the invention of video cameras, but they weren’t always as successful or artistic. Modern, advanced equipment has made wedding videos creative, artistic, and even cinematic. And weddings aren’t the only family… Read more »

A Day In The Life…

A new, up and coming style, lifestyle photography may best be defined as a combination of photojournalism and studio portraiture. Photojournalism encompasses the types of photos you see in the news. They are not staged in any way. They are candid shots. For studio portraiture, on the other hand, the photographer sets the stage, prepares… Read more »

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

It can take months or years to plan the perfect wedding, and in a single day, it’s over. Besides the unbreakable bond between you and your spouse, all that will remain of the momentous event will be the memories you keep and hold dear. Should you hire a professional wedding photographer, or let a talented… Read more »