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Why Take Family Portraits?

Most proud parents take literally hundreds of snapshots of their new babies right into toddlerhood, but eventually, especially after the second or third child, the idea of pictures falls by the wayside. Thankfully, there are the annual school portraits that many families rely on. It’s also easy to take a quick, candid photo of one… Read more »

Baby Milestones

We all love taking pictures of our children. We snap numerous pictures at each and every event. In this day and age with the ease of capturing pictures and selfies with smartphones, we have albums, CDs, phones, and computers full of them. However, when it comes to your baby’s milestones, it is nice to have… Read more »

Personalized Portraits

Although having a camera on your smartphone is a wonderful and handy feature, are you going to rely on it for a professional photograph? And what about the old-fashioned stock photos? Boring. When it comes to photography, whether for business or your personal life, a professional photograph can speak volumes. What is the difference between… Read more »

5 Personal Uses for Lifestyle Photography

While lifestyle photography serves many benefits for business, this form of photography can also be perfect for personal use. With lifestyle photography, you can treasure your unforgettable moments, experiences and life stages with natural, atmospheric photographs. Lifestyle photos capture people in real-life settings and situations, so the look does not feel forced or awkward like some… Read more »

Tips for Finding the Right Portrait Photographer for Your Family

In our last post, we talked about how contemporary family portraiture can reflect the rapidly changing face of the American family. However, the challenge faced by every type of family – no matter how traditional or progressive – is finding the right portrait photographer for your needs. Your family portrait will follow you through the… Read more »

Rethinking the Family Portrait

  Close your eyes and imagine the classic American family portrait. It’s probably got a mom, a dad, some kids, and maybe a pet, all posed stiffly in front of bland studio backdrop. Now take a moment to think about the real families you know and are a part of and they probably don’t resemble… Read more »