Category: Outdoor/Nature Photography

Ready to Shoot Some Outdoor Photography?

Beauty is all around you! From sweeping landscapes to meticulously hung Christmas lights, much of the beauty you find is outdoors. There may come a time when you decide you’d like to capture a little bit of that beauty for yourself. That’s when you’ll undertake the at-times-precarious task of shooting some outdoor photography. You’ll want… Read more »

Capturing Christmas Lights

Like the song goes, for some people Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It certainly can be pretty and festive with all the Christmas lights and decorated trees both indoors and outdoors. We here at D-Squared Studios would like to share a few tips for capturing Christmas lights this holiday season.

How To Photograph The Celestial Night Sky

Taking photographs of certain things, such as the sky at night, can present quite the challenge. The night sky can be mercurial, pardon the pun. Sometimes it is gray and overcast, other times filled with stars, and at yet other times you may see clouds moving by quickly during a storm, or because of some… Read more »