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If You Want a Different Portrait, Change Your Surroundings

If you’ve had professional portraits taken before, you’re probably familiar with the standard experience. You wear a nice suit and do a weirdly robotic pose in front of a generic, heathered background. The photographer grabs a couple pictures and you see the result a few weeks later. You look stiff and uncomfortable (because you were)…. Read more »

Introduce Yourself Online with Your Portrait

Whether you mean to or not, you often introduce yourself to people online before you ever meet them in person. That’s because our information and our content are everywhere. Facebook profiles, LinkedIn, Twitter — you’re making a first impression whether you realize it or not. You need to make sure that first impression is a… Read more »

Give Your Portrait a Personal Touch

Personal or family portraits are a great way to preserve a moment. Timeless images give you a keepsake that you can treasure for years to come. You know what a great portrait looks and feels like. Something you may not know is that you have tons of options when it comes to personal or family… Read more »

Update Your Portrait for a Fresh Start

Spring cleaning is all about getting outside, breathing in some fresh air, and getting rid of the winter’s rust. It’s a celebration of all that’s new and exciting. It’s a chance for a fresh start inside your home (you may even decide to change the furniture arrangement!). When your personal brand needs a reboot, a… Read more »

The Power of a Portrait

How are the walls of your home looking? Are they filled with pictures and art that means something, or do you have placeholders hanging? Home decorations are an excellent opportunity to express yourself and capture memories all in the same place. There’s no better way to capture a specific memory than through the use of… Read more »

What Your Headshot Says About Your Brand

As showbizzy as it sounds, everyone has their own personal brand in 2017. Even if you’re not an aspiring starlet, you still have a brand. Perhaps the better way to frame it is, everyone has an image. This sounds like a burden, and it can be. However, the good news is, it’s easier than ever… Read more »

Need a New Headshot? Here’s What You Need to Do

Is it time to update your headshot, either for an online profile, an upcoming interview that will be published, or simply your company’s website? If so, don’t settle for a mediocre image of you in front of one of your plain white office walls, taken by a coworker with a smart phone. A professional photographer… Read more »

The Importance of a Professional Headshot

One of Doug Davis’s recent photo shoots included taking a professional headshot of Peter Balta, President of Texas Instruments Education Technology. While Doug considered photographing Peter Balta a privilege, Peter was extremely happy with the results of the shoot. Professional headshots are crucial these days because with the rise of social media, people expect to… Read more »

Why Take Family Portraits?

Most proud parents take literally hundreds of snapshots of their new babies right into toddlerhood, but eventually, especially after the second or third child, the idea of pictures falls by the wayside. Thankfully, there are the annual school portraits that many families rely on. It’s also easy to take a quick, candid photo of one… Read more »

3 Times for a Professional Portrait

We love our selfies! Google tracked Android phone users in 2014, and reported that 93 million selfies are taken, worldwide, in an average day. Selfies can record spectacular scenery and impromptu fun with friends. Selfies make a great spur-of-the-moment “hello.” Some occasions in our lives are better served by working with a professional photographer. When you want a photo… Read more »