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5 Uses for Professional Videography Services

Video captivates its audience like few other mediums. People instantly connect to moving pictures and become lost in the composition of a well-produced video. Videography is an effective form of promotion: Produce a unique local business commercial to stand out in your market, or create a professional introduction video that sets your resume and portfolio… Read more »

What’s an Introductory Video and Why Does Your Website Need One?

Engaging with your customers is the golden rule of marketing, but how exactly do you go about it? Because video appeals to the eyes as well as the ears, it’s an ideal medium for engaging and interacting with potential customers. Introductory videos can tell a story, introduce your brand, and – most importantly – keep… Read more »

Does Your Website Need Video? 3 Essential Questions to Ask

Over the past few years, video has become a pillar of many successful online marketing strategies. It seems like everyone from start-ups to huge corporations are incorporating video content into their websites and social media efforts. While the research says that video is a smart way to boost your marketing efforts, some serious thinking and… Read more »

Enhance your Blog with a Professional Video

Blogs. Everyone seems to have one these days. In fact, you’re reading ours right now, after all. We’re right there with other aspiring bloggers. Unfortunately, the more popular and common a creative/informational/marketing medium becomes, the more saturated it is. How can you possibly stand out from the crowd when there are so many fish in… Read more »

Why You Should Make Video a Part of Your Marketing Strategy Now!

According to the data technology experts at WebDam, an astonishing $135 billion will be spent in 2014 alone on new digital marketing products like apps, online ads, websites, press releases, and infographics. In fact, these same experts predict that by 2015, one-quarter of all advertising dollars will be spent in online or digital ads. Since… Read more »

Questions About Professional Videography

With more innovative technology powering our personal devices than ever before, the approaches to reaching the public with your message have evolved. Visual marketing helps define and differentiate your company from others, and professional videography is one of the most effective ways to set your company’s presence apart from the rest. Why are videos better… Read more »

What Can Video Marketing Do for Your Website?

In addition to custom, professional creative photography, Dallas professional photographer, Doug Davis, also has extensive experience creating highly-engaging and original videos for businesses and individuals alike. While adding a picture to your web content can make the written words seem more interesting, the picture alone can’t convey the message you intend. By adding customized video… Read more »

Videography: A Powerful Part of Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

One of the greatest challenges faced by nonprofits is the constricting effect of a sluggish economy on charitable giving. As competition for funding and supporters’ donations grows more intense, more and more charities and nonprofits turn to commercial videography in Dallas, TX to deliver their message. A professional digital video campaign attracts prospective advocates, increases… Read more »

Creative Videography in Dallas, Texas

Have you ever watched an old home movie? Is it not amazing to see such poignancy captured in a series of grainy, jumpy images, recalling snippets of birthdays, anniversaries, and loved ones no longer with us? Indeed, film is incredibly powerful—if done correctly. Now, think about the absolute worst video you’ve ever seen on YouTube…. Read more »

Can Video Production Increase Your Visibility?

Think about the most successful businesses and how they reach their target audiences. Most use an approach comprised of various media. Among these media, video occupies a position of prominence. Television commercials reach millions of people, and the best of them can bring in a lot of revenue. Video production, then, may be the best… Read more »