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Creative Design Photography: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

As a commercial photographer, Doug Davis has captured everything from foodie spreads to ultra-luxe jewelry and people in motion. Framing the shot, adjusting the lights, and optimizing for color and movement all require skill and creativity. How is that different from creative design photography in Dallas, TX? It’s all creative, right? Well, yes, but… The… Read more »

Dallas Photographer Answers FAQs About Video Production

A major part of any advertising campaign involves a commercial. In the span of a few seconds, you have the opportunity to visually represent your company or product. A commercial can be beautiful, funny, or shocking, but no matter what style you have in mind, your spot needs to look good. At D-Squared Studios, your Dallas… Read more »

Dallas Photographer: Try Our Digital Photography Quiz

Digital photography has opened up a whole new world of possibility. Professionals can now manipulate and edit images to create pictures pushing the limits of imagination. At D-Squared Studios, your Dallas photographer, Doug Davis, employs digital photography to create stunning images for his clients. In today’s blog, Doug talks about the influence of digital photography… Read more »