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How Do Commercial Photographers Use Lighting to Create Images?

Mastery of lighting techniques is one of the most telling differences between a professional commercial photographer and a hobbyist. Doug Davis, Dallas commercial photographer and owner of D-Squared Studios, explains that lighting  creates a specific mood or effect. Which type of lighting works best for your project? It depends, says Doug. The ideal lighting for… Read more »

How Do Dallas Businesses Use Commercial Photography?

As a business owner, you owe it to yourself to present your company and its goods in the most appealing, honest way possible. Hiring a commercial photographer in Dallas, TX allows you to build your image in a way that best reflects your vision and goals. A few decades ago, a business had little need… Read more »

Is Stock Photography Good Enough for Your Business?

With the prevalence of free or low-cost stock photos on the web, many businesses are opting to incorporate low-cost, one-size-fits-all images into their marketing campaigns. One can certainly argue that this practice may save money in the short-term. However, are short-term savings worth compromising your marketing efforts and perhaps lowering your revenue in the long… Read more »

The Broad Scope of Digital Photography

Photographs are everywhere, and if you are looking to promote your business, there will come a time when you need some excellent photos to enhance your website or marketing materials. Businesses today have a variety of needs, which require photographers to develop a wide range of skills so that they can capture people, products, places,… Read more »

Dallas Photographer: Try Our Digital Photography Quiz

Digital photography has opened up a whole new world of possibility. Professionals can now manipulate and edit images to create pictures pushing the limits of imagination. At D-Squared Studios, your Dallas photographer, Doug Davis, employs digital photography to create stunning images for his clients. In today’s blog, Doug talks about the influence of digital photography… Read more »