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Videography: A Powerful Part of Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns

One of the greatest challenges faced by nonprofits is the constricting effect of a sluggish economy on charitable giving. As competition for funding and supporters’ donations grows more intense, more and more charities and nonprofits turn to commercial videography in Dallas, TX to deliver their message. A professional digital video campaign attracts prospective advocates, increases… Read more »

Can Video Production Increase Your Visibility?

Think about the most successful businesses and how they reach their target audiences. Most use an approach comprised of various media. Among these media, video occupies a position of prominence. Television commercials reach millions of people, and the best of them can bring in a lot of revenue. Video production, then, may be the best… Read more »

Does Your Business Need a Videographer?

Information travels much differently today than it used to. In the past, speech was the primary vehicle for thoughts and ideas, but things changed drastically as a greater number of people became literate. In recent times, the written word continued to grow in influence and reach, especially with so much information available at people’s fingertips… Read more »