About Lifestyle Photography

Capturing a Moment in Your Life

While “capturing a moment,” may seem cliché, it is exactly what lifestyle photography does. Let’s begin with a definition of the word lifestyle, which is the typical way that a person or family lives. A lifestyle consists of things you do throughout an average day. It also consists of your personality, attitude, values, beliefs, emotions, dreams, interests, habits, hobbies, goals, and may involve faith, food, feelings, and family. It is a reflection of you and your life in photographs. These photos should reflect reality, focusing on what’s natural and genuine.

For every individual person or family there is a lifestyle, and Doug Davis can capture yours. It may be that you want to record your children’s bedtime routine; you, your mom and dad, and your children baking cookies; you, your spouse, and your children eating dinner together, golfing, sailing together, or simply relaxing in the living room.

Lifestyle photography has business applications as well. It may include people using your product throughout their days, and how they interact with these products. Product photos highlight the product’s best features, while lifestyle photography shows how a consumer might enjoy using the product. Doug Davis, has produced lifestyle images for a number of well-known clients, including:

  • Texas Instruments
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Methodist Hospital
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Heritage Bags

If you’re a business-owner who needs a skilled lifestyle photographer to seize those natural, spontaneous moments when your consumer is engaged with your product, or you’re someone who wants to capture a moment in your life or the life of your family, call Doug Davis, your Dallas photographer.