About Product Photography

Products that Tell a Story

Do your products look classy, colorful, shiny, professional, or downright shabby? Okay, so maybe not “shabby” but somewhere in-between? In-between, second-rate, third-place, that’s not what you’re going for, is it? You’re going for number one, first-class, elegant, and “I simply have to have that!” Don’t settle for less when it comes to photographs of your products, because once you strip away the copy, the marketing, and all the other trappings, all you have is your product.

In fact, studies show that consumers only spend two seconds looking at an advertisement and one and a half of those seconds are spent viewing the image. The other half second is spent on copy. Research studies have also shown that people recall photographs 26 percent more than artwork. That’s why professional, eye-catching photos of your products and services are so important.

Whether it’s eCommerce, print marketing, catalogs, or billboards, exceptional photography can and will influence the consumer’s perception of your product, and your business in general.  If the image is professionally composed, properly lighted, and elegantly attractive (and yes, even a pair of jeans can be elegantly attractive) consumers will associate a high level of professionalism with your company and your brand.  Today’s product photography should engage the consumer on a personal level.

Dallas photographer Doug Davis’s photographs are not only visually appealing, they tell a story and engage the consumer. Doug Davis has provided product photography for both online and print marketing campaigns for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Bachendorf’s, Dell Computers, and Movado. Judge for yourself. Check out Doug’s work. After all, a picture paints a thousand words. See for yourself how beautiful images can tell your product’s story.