Doug Davis

What You Should Know About Doug

When you hire Doug, you are getting 20+ years of professional experience and expertise. He has been in the photography business since 1996, and has worked with some of the largest corporations in Dallas, leaving them impressed every time. Doug has an easy-going personality, a good sense of humor, and most importantly, creativity. He also has a good-old-fashioned work ethic, and holds his work to the highest of standards. If you can’t get the best from Doug, then you can’t get the best. Doug can keep his cool in stressful, fast-moving situations, problem-solve on site, juggle numerous responsibilities at once, and still deliver a superior product, on time, and within budget. This is a man you want in your corner. Doug’s portfolio includes the following companies and many more:

  • Frito-Lay
  • Pepsi
  • Dell Computers
  • American Airlines
  • Susan B. Komen foundation
  • Texas Instruments

More About Doug

The son of an inventor, Doug worked after school in his father’s workshop building everything from a rubber band machine gun to a wheelchair. While still in high school, Doug bought a Nissan 280ZX, cut off the top, and created his own convertible. Today, he enjoys creating contraptions such as the Tall Bike–a double-decker bicycle.

Doug especially loves creative design photography, for which he can create original sculptures, models, and more. Doug’s decision to take photography as an elective his freshman year of high school seemed predestined, and he never looked back. Doug won a number of Best Portfolio awards as well as two paid internships. His big break came when he was hired as a photographer at J.W. Burkey Studios immediately after graduation, while most college grads served as an assistant for at least a year before advancing to photographer. The birth of D2 Studios came about after Doug compiled an impressive professional portfolio, a list of clients, and bought Burkey Studios.