Doug Davis

Dallas based commercial photographer Doug Davis has worked with a wide range of clients, from American Airlines and the Susan B. Komen foundation to Frito-Lay, Pepsi, and Dell Computers. Combining an expert eye for light and composition with advanced technical know-how, Doug routinely impresses his clients with his ability to smoothly move their projects forward without going over budget. Of course, Doug’s skill in the studio and on location is the product of years of creative and professional growth with the help of some caring and dedicated mentors who taught him that creativity must happen on a daily basis.

Creating in Three Dimensions

Although his earliest memories of creating three-dimensional works of art can be traced back to construction paper forests and a multitude of Lego construction projects, Doug also learned woodworking and welding. The son of an inventor, Doug fondly remembers working after school in his dad’s workshop building everything from a rubber band machine gun to a wheelchair. In high school, he bought a Nissan 280ZX, cut off the top, and fabricated his own functional convertible. Even today, Doug enjoys creating contraptions like the Tall Bike, a double-decker bicycle he welded together in his workshop. Model-making and sculpture regularly play a role in his creative design photography.

A Photographer’s Journey

Doug fell into his field by chance. After taking a photography course as an elective his freshman year, Doug discovered his talent behind the lens and quickly changed majors. With the encouragement and support of his teachers, Doug won a number of Best Portfolio awards and two paid internships. Doug’s big break came when he was hired as a photographer at J.W. Burkey’s studio immediately after graduation (an unheard of honor in a field that requires most college graduates serve as an assistant for one or more years before advancing to photographer). After amassing an impressive professional portfolio and list of clients, Doug bought the Burkey studio and renamed it D2 Studios.


Need a custom creative photo for your website? Need a high quality video to promote your business, event, or charity? Photographer and videographer Doug Davis has the artistry, skills, and work ethic to help you bring your vision closer to reality. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from American Airlines to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. He specializes in several types of professional photography disciplines, including;

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