About People/Portrait Photography

Your First Impression

Because of the popularity of websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other electronic media, you often become acquainted with people electronically before you meet them in person. If a friend asks you if you know so-and-so, you immediately google them, or look them up on Facebook to put a face with the name. Not having a presentable personal photo is a huge oversight these days.

People without profile pictures are overlooked. Certain job applications even give the option to upload a photograph of yourself. Are you going to use a photograph your friend took with a cell phone? No. You need a professional photograph. After all, this is your first impression and you don’t want to blow it.

So, what kind of impression do you want your picture, portrait, or head shot to make?

Rather than stiff, overly formal professional portraits–think guy in a dark suit smiling awkwardly in front of dark silk fabric–Doug Davis prefers a more relaxed approach. Doug utilizes natural lighting, organic locations, and innovative, non-traditional angles to capture your unique personality. And remember, your portrait will reflect on your business and product, too. Think of what message you want to send to your consumer, your clients, your public, your fans, etc. Doug will help people get to know you before…well…they even get to know you!