You Eat With Your Eyes First

turkeyMost people love to eat, and those who can take it or leave it…well…they need to eat. Everybody eats. That is why eating is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Food is an important tradition for most holidays, too: cookouts for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, and buffets or more formal meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fact is, food excites many people. However, the more important fact when it comes to food photography is you eat with your eyes first.

Food Photography

Because everyone needs to eat, food is a huge market. There are numerous grocery stores, superstores with groceries, restaurants, and fast-food places, but if the food looks bad it is bad for business. That’s where professional food photography comes in. The right photograph of food can make your mouth water, convince you that you are hungry, or help you decide exactly what you are hungry for. There are quite a few things you need to take into account when attempting to capture that “just right” food photograph including:

  • Is your food just “big” or is it “full-bodied”?
  • Do you have enough color?
  • Do the colors complement each other?
  • Do they provide contrast?
  • Did you capture the different textures of each food?
  • Are you using the right lighting? Is it natural lighting? Artificial lighting? Is it dark? Did you create the mood?
  • Have you considered the depth?
  • Have you considered the angle?
  • Do you have a table setting?
  • Do you need a table setting?
  • Does your table setting highlight the main subject–the food?

Interested In Knowing More?

If you are interested in knowing more about professional food photography, stay tuned for future installments of You Eat With Your Eyes First.


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