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Lifestyle Photography Creates A Gift With Meaning

What’s your current process for gift shopping? If you’re like most people, it probably involves waiting too long to start, becoming frustrated by your inability to choose something, and ultimately settling on an unsatisfying item. Even with free two-day delivery, the gift-giving process is still a slog. All you want is to show your loved… Read more »

When Food and Lifestyle Photography Meet

When you own or manage a restaurant, food is your product, but it’s not where your responsibilities end. You’re in charge of your customers’ experience. That means you have to consider ambiance and service as well. When you market your product to potential customers, you’re not selling a commodity, you’re selling a sensory idea. That… Read more »

Instagram Was Made for Lifestyle Photography

Whether you run your business through Instagram, or you’re building your business’s brand through this highly engaging platform, you understand the power that this tool has. (If your business isn’t on Instagram, get on it! This is an incredible way to introduce new users and consumers to your product. Plus, it’s a totally free tool.)… Read more »

Lifestyle Photography as a Family Gift

Are you a super talented gift giver — one of those people who knows exactly what each person in your life wants? If so, congratulations on being incredible. For the rest of us, gift giving is more like a challenge. It’s a test of how well you know another person. Choosing gifts is difficult. You… Read more »

Lifestyle Photography Captures the Natural

Creativity is essential to being a business owner and a thought leader. When you share your creativity with others it reveals your personality and talent. With so many different media at your disposal, it’s easy to express yourself creatively. Visual media like photography and videography are awesome vehicles for showcasing how you see the world,… Read more »

How Lifestyle Photography Can Work for You

Once upon a time, only the wealthy could afford to have their picture taken, let alone own a camera. Now, cameras are ubiquitous; images even more so. People are capturing every moment of what they’re doing. Lifestyle photography used to be the meticulous product of photojournalists. Now it has inundated the world. To stand out… Read more »

What People Get Wrong About Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is an essential component of branding. It’s a relatable style of photography that focuses on people to make products and concepts more accessible. Whether you run a blog or want to normalize the use of a product, lifestyle photography is a great option. However, there’s plenty of room for nuance in this photography… Read more »

Elements Of Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle is a new and growing style of photography. The goal of lifestyle photography is to capture the day-to-day, commonplace elements of everyday life, but in a memorable, idealized sort of way. It takes creativity to bring ordinary moments to life and depicts them as if in a movie, so to speak. Lifestyle photographs are… Read more »

Fresh Ideas For Autumn Photos

Shorter days and cooler temperatures tell us fall has arrived. Autumn presents many varied opportunities for taking photos of friends and loved ones. October, November, and December include holidays that are festive, sentimental, traditional, and religious. If you are comfortable using your cell phone or a digital camera, you can find charming photo ops throughout the fall. A professional lifestyle… Read more »

Lifestyle VS Traditional Photography

The world is continually growing in sophistication. Technology continues to advance, and many of us eagerly await the new TVs, cell phones, cameras, and more. Do you remember a time when you would simply sit for a portrait? The photographer would comb your hair, straighten your clothes, tell you to sit up straight, and then… Read more »