If You Want a Different Portrait, Change Your Surroundings

If you’ve had professional portraits taken before, you’re probably familiar with the standard experience. You wear a nice suit and do a weirdly robotic pose in front of a generic, heathered background. The photographer grabs a couple pictures and you see the result a few weeks later. You look stiff and uncomfortable (because you were). Despite what you may see on LinkedIn, professional (or personal) portraits don’t have to be that way! If you want a different portrait, you need a different approach. Changing your surroundings and perspective can help you create a portrait that is truly unique.

Changing Your Surroundings and Approach Will Give Your Portrait a Different Feel

There’s no rule that says a portrait — even a business headshot — has to feel generic. In fact, if you’re creating a headshot that you’ll use for resumes and online platforms, it should be just the opposite. You want your portrait to feel specific to you. It should show off your personality. Changing your surroundings and approach will achieve this desired result.

Move away from the nondescript background and pick a place that matches you. If you’re a knowledgeable person, maybe take your headshot in front of the public library. If you’re a creative self-starter, maybe a coffee shop is the perfect place to establish your identity.

Changing Perspectives Can Also Create a New Effect

Portraits are traditionally pretty flat, simple images. Changing locations gives you more dynamic backgrounds and settings to work with. Changing the angle or perspective of your headshot can create a whole different feel as well. Shooting against a background with depth using an angle that isn’t just dead on can yield a radically different result than you’re used to with most professional portraits.

Doug Davis and D-Squared Studios Can Execute Your Personal Portrait

If you want a professional portrait that feels different, you need to work with a photographer who understands where you’re coming from. Doug Davis has over 20 years of experience shooting subjects of all varieties. When it comes to portraits, Doug loves finding new locations and perspectives that produce unique, personalized results. To book Doug for a portrait session, contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336 today.