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The Many Ways a Food Photo Shoot Can Go Wrong

There are some actors or models (called “talent” in the business) that gain a reputation for being difficult to work with. It’s a stereotype really — the hard-to-please diva that could turn on the project in the blink of an eye. If you think people can be temperamental, food is even worse! Food photography and… Read more »

When Food and Lifestyle Photography Meet

When you own or manage a restaurant, food is your product, but it’s not where your responsibilities end. You’re in charge of your customers’ experience. That means you have to consider ambiance and service as well. When you market your product to potential customers, you’re not selling a commodity, you’re selling a sensory idea. That… Read more »

Building a Better Happy Hour with Photography

When you’re a business in a crowded marketplace, you have to have a solid product to stand out. You have to know who you are and what you do. That’s especially true of the bar and restaurant industry. People have so many options when it comes to grabbing a pint or splitting an appetizer. One… Read more »

It’s Easy to Burn Food Photography

Photography is a lot like cooking. You can find it everywhere, but the truly exceptional stuff is rare. Furthermore, everyone has their own taste. You may prefer one style of photography over another, just as you prefer a variety of cuisine. If photography is like cooking, then food photography is one of the most difficult… Read more »

Food Photography Plays to the Imagination

The quality that makes media so incredible is its ability to play to the imagination. Every form of communication — written word, photography, and video — can be used as a storytelling device. As a business owner and marketer, it’s important to understand the power of media, so that you can use them to build… Read more »

Why Beverage Photography Is So Tricky

If you’ve got an Instagram account, you probably see a lot of food. Sharing what you’re eating and drinking is fun, and quality photos of food create sensory experiences. This is good news for marketers in those fields. If your product is food and drink, you’ve got to have high-quality photos and videos as part… Read more »

Trust an Expert with Food Photography

When you get hungry, a powerful image of food can stick with you. Maybe you don’t start to see your friends as giant honey hams (a la a Looney Toons bit), but you may picture a particularly delicious meal you’ve enjoyed. When food photography is at its best, it’s an exceptional sensory experience. It creates… Read more »

Food Photography Should Have You Salivating

Think about how many pictures you’ve looked at in your life. It’s a number so high, you can’t even count. Out of all the images that you’re exposed to, only a select few stick with you. However, those photos can be powerful. That’s the point of photography after all — to capture a moment and… Read more »

3 Food Photography “Must-Do’s”

Powerful images are a valuable asset for any business that wants to show off its product or service. When it comes time to take photos for your website or social media, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality possible. Of course, there’s a set of general rules that will always serve you… Read more »

The Need for Speed with Food Photography

Photography is an invaluable asset for restaurants and food producers. Capturing the essence of a delicious dish in an image helps with marketing and awareness. Showcasing the appetizing awesomeness of a food seems easy enough. However, what you see with your eye doesn’t always match what comes out in the camera. You need to account… Read more »