Drone Photography Provides Access and Perspective

Drone photography and videography exploded into popularity a couple years ago. It seemed like everyone was using a drone for everything, and with good reason. What makes drone photography so appealing is that the technology provides access and perspective — two key elements for quality photography. With a drone, you aren’t limited to places that you as the photographer can physically reach. You can also capture a point of view that is totally unique. With a drone in your arsenal, you can create dynamic images that were previously impossible to achieve.

Drone Photography Has Limitless Applications for Pros and Consumers

Nearly every sub discipline of photography benefits from the options provided by a drone. Photojournalism is all about access and perspective. Being able to see the previously unseen with a drone is huge for any news images.

The same goes for environmental photography. If you need to catalogue a huge expanse of land, or if you’re trying to capture images of a place that is too dangerous for humans to reach, a drone can be your hero. Much more affordable than a crane or helicopter, a drone can still achieve that aerial perspective.

Event photography also benefits from the use of drones. How do you capture the entire atmosphere and ambiance of a big event? A drone allows you to do so while the flow of the event is still in effect.

Drone Photography’s Relatively Cheap Price Tag Makes it a Possibility

Probably the biggest asset that drone photography brings to the table is its price tag. The types of images that drones can capture used to cost a fortune. Only people with big budgets could afford to rent a crane or helicopter and pilot for an afternoon of shooting. Now, with a drone, you can create breathtaking images from unique perspectives without breaking the bank.

Doug Davis Is Your Choice for a Professional Photographer

Doug Davis has over 20 years of experience capturing and creating stunning images with a variety of techniques. If drone photography is the solution for your project, Doug Davis is your photographer. Doug’s talented eye and repertoire of skills makes him perfect for any job that you want to pop. Learn more about booking information by contacting D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336.