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Communicate Powerfully With Creative Design Photography

Whether you’re a brand trying to share your message with consumers, or your an individual trying to tell your story to others, your goal with any form of communication is to do it powerfully. Powerful communication stands out in the mind of the recipient. When you create a stark message — with any medium —… Read more »

Reinvigorate Your Brand with Creative Design Photography

Does your brand need a little life breathed into it? It can be easy to stall out creatively when it comes to branding. That’s especially true for small businesses. If you’re the chief operations person, new business development person, and chief marketer for your brand (an almost unavoidable situation for many entrepreneurs), it can be… Read more »

Marketing Woes? Creative Design Photography Helps

Creatives are no strangers to the concept of “being in a rut.” Creative blocks happen. Sometimes you feel stalled, like you understand that you have a problem, but you can’t define it. When it comes to your product marketing, that’s a huge issue. Marketing and branding are all about creating clear, fun messages. So what… Read more »

Creative Design Photography Is About Possibilities

Think about the current marketing materials for your business. Are the like the rest of the marketplace’s? Simple product photography can be effective, and straightforward, high-quality images are helpful for your website. There’s so much more potential available for you and your brand though. Social media presents an untapped opportunity that is ripe for those… Read more »

Creative Design Photography: True Expression

Photography is an old visual medium relative to the likes of video and 3D animation (obviously painting has a few years on photography). Photography at its essence is a tool that can be used to capture a moment and an emotion. However, too often photography is thought of as “point and shoot.” Everyone today uses… Read more »

Creative Design Photography Unlocks Your Brand’s Potential

There’s certainly a science when it comes to branding your business. The way you craft your look and feel can be distilled to a few objective-based bullet points, but that doesn’t mean that the process is devoid of art. There are absolutely a set of intangible qualities that can set your brand apart from your… Read more »

How to Utilize Creative Design Photography

You’re a savvy business owner. You understand that getting consumers’ attention is all about branding. To create a strong personal or business brand, you need eye-catching media. You’re probably no stranger to the world of engaging video and images, so you know that holding your audience’s focus is the goal. Design, photos, and videos are… Read more »

Does Your Website Media Need More Variety?

Despite ever-increasing Internet speeds, the process of getting users to your website and converting them into clients or customers can feel like an arduous journey. You use certain tactics to get your website found. Keeping visitors on your site is a whole different process. Once users arrive at a website, they want to quickly find… Read more »

What Does Professional Photography Mean To You?

When thinking of professional photography what do you think of? You may think photography is photography. Someone stands in front of you, a scenic view, or any number of things and points and clicks. But that’s not so. There is so much more to taking a professional photograph. Anyone can point and click, and maybe… Read more »

Do You Play With Your Food?

If not, you don’t know what you’re missing! Really! How many people get to play with their food without their moms yelling at them? Although we don’t know if Doug was allowed to play with his food as a child, we do know he certainly enjoys playing with it as an adult! Doug Davis, professional… Read more »