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Is Your Video Up to Quality Standards?

As a savvy business owner and marketer, you understand the value of video for your business. Video is the most-consumed form of media in the world. It’s the most immersive of the readily available media because it engages more senses than audio or the written word alone. Plus, it’s easier than ever to create video,… Read more »

How to Step Up Your Video Content

Video is now the most popular medium for communication, which makes sense. Video appeals to more senses than photographs or text alone. Video engages your eyes and your ears, and it’s never been easier to capture video. Gone are the days of expensive camera equipment and the need for a lighting kit. Your phone shoots… Read more »

Step Up Your Content with Pro Video

Social platforms and marketing materials are turning more and more to the visual side. Images and videos are easier to ingest than sorting through a barren wasteland of text. That means your message and your branding have to be simplified, and at the same time, the process of creating content becomes all the more complex…. Read more »

Is “Good Enough” Good Enough for You?

Nearly every business has a website, and most businesses have some sort of social presence. These are valuable tools for growing your brand and reaching new clients/customers. Think about your business’s content right now. What is it like? Do you have photos and videos? Are they high quality? Do they help you stand out amongst… Read more »

Video: The Missing Piece for Your Business

Establishing a brand for your business takes a lot of work, no matter the industry. Whether you’re a blogger, restaurateur, clothing designer, or landscaping service, you need a strong brand to steadily attract clientele. Luckily for small business owners, it has never been easier to self market. Social media tools and your website give you… Read more »

Good Video Stands the Test of Time

Media and technology are constantly changing landscapes. The latest gadget will only stay relevant until the next one hits shelves. It can all seem so overwhelming. How do you stay ahead of the game amidst so much fluctuation? Good quality content will survive the test of time and outlast any piece of technology. This is… Read more »

How Video Brings a Story to Life

As a modern marketer or business owner, you probably use a variety of media to help establish your brand and communicate with your clients or customers. Maybe you tend to use one medium over another — it’s a logical thing to do. Each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses. Video is one of the… Read more »

5 Things You Must Check When Shooting DSLR Video

It’s never been easier to go out and shoot video of your own. Gone are the days of over-sized cameras, bulky editing equipment, and the generally cost-prohibitive nature of the video-shooting process. You can even shoot solid video on your phones. If you’ve got a little bit of money to spare, DSLR cameras are nifty… Read more »

How Videography Can Help Your Business

Every brand needs images that capture its services and products. To attract new business, you have to be able to showcase yourself. However, high resolution photos don’t always tell the whole story. If your business relies on a particular process or the ease with which customers can use your product, a still image might not… Read more »

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Videographer: Part 2

We all love taking videos with our cell phones. It is so much easier than carrying around an actual video camera, and it’s fun, too. But when it comes to a business, website, wedding, corporate event, and more, we wouldn’t think of using our cell phones! There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional videographer…. Read more »