Want To Be A Commercial Magazine Photographer? Here Are Some Tips.

magzIf you have a passion for photography you may be thinking of trying to make some money at it. There are those nay-sayers who will tell you that without becoming a professional and starting your own business, you don’t have a chance. But that’s not necessarily true. If you are an amateur photographer who loves the art, commercial magazine photography may be the route for you. As with most businesses these days, due to the economic environment, magazines have been forced to reduce expenses, and you can take advantage of this. So, if you want to be a commercial magazine photographer, here are some tips.

This Won’t Make You Rich

First, realize that this will probably not make you rich, but it can be extremely satisfying, and earn you some extra cash. There are many of us that have a favorite subject to photograph. It might be nature, children, pets, etc. The first step is to:

Purchase a decent camera: Besides realizing this won’t make you rich, you must realize that using your cell phone to take pictures is not going to work. Therefore, purchase a decent camera. If you are already a serious photographer, you probably already have one. Of course, digital is the way to go.

Perfect your skill: Realize your expertise. Is it children? Pets? Nature? Pond animals? Whatever it is, perfect your skill. There is a market for just about everything out there. Find your niche, do some research, then focus on that market.

Writing skills: Can you write? You may think it an odd question but many small-market, or niche magazines look for people who can write and take pictures. So, if you are a photographer and a writer…toast!  However, if you are not a writer, blow them away with your photography talent. Some amateurs produce work that will easily impress a photo editor.

Be aware of deadlines: Be aware that in many cases you may be required to meet deadlines.

Stay tuned for more tips about this topic!


Doug Davis has been producing professional, engaging videos and product, food, and lifestyle photography from his Dallas, TX, studio for more than 20 years. D-Squared Studios is located at 4312 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, 75226. Contact our office at (214) 746-6336 or email Doug at doug.davis@d2studios.net.