Who Needs Professional Food Photography?

who-needs-professional-food-photographyAmateur snapshots of juicy burgers or tempting desserts turn up everywhere. There is a big difference between sharing your soup and salad photo on social media, and having a professional food photograph taken. Professional food photographers know about lighting and shadow. With a professional photo, you can sense the silky texture of a slice of pie, or the fresh citrus zing from a tangerine. Professional food photographs benefit anyone who wants to showcase best-quality ingredients, cooking techniques, and delicious foods and drinks.

Who Uses Professional Food Photos?

  • Successful restaurants depend on them. Enticing food photos bring people into the restaurant, and menu photos help people decide what to order. It is said that people often order food with their eyes, so great photos are a must.
  • Chefs can use food photos to enhance their resumes or show their excellence in culinary areas.
  • Caterers can develop a portfolio of their exquisite wedding cakes or eye-catching appetizers trays.
  • Cookbook authors know that readers appreciate seeing the presentation of a finished recipe. For cookbooks aimed at beginning cooks, or those that feature unusual or complex cooking techniques, excellent photographs are essential.
  • Magazines use high quality food photographs in editorial stories, and in advertising.
  • Special Events can use professional food photographs to highlight a fundraising chocolate festival or a wine and cheese tasting. Tempting food photographs can bring attention to the event, and increase ticket sales.


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