Why Take Family Portraits?

Most proud parents take literally hundreds of snapshots of their new babies right into toddlerhood, but eventually, especially after the second or third child, the idea of pictures falls by the wayside. Thankfully, there are the annual school portraits that many families rely on. It’s also easy to take a quick, candid photo of one or two of your family members at a gathering or special occasion, but it is not so easy to capture the whole family at one time. A family portrait is an important keepsake, or even a record, if you will, that can be handed down generation after generation.

Reasons to Take a Professional Family Portrait

Our family roots are important to us. We like to know where we came from, who are parents and grandparents are, and love hearing stories about the past. But there are other reasons for family portraits, too:

Capturing Growth: Children grow fast, and as children grow, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles age. Having an annual family portrait taken is a great way to capture the growth of each individual, as well as the growth of the family. The make-up of families change for reasons such as a new birth, marriage, divorce, children grow up and move away, and loved ones pass on, sometimes unexpectedly. These are all reasons to schedule a family portrait each year and capture your lives together.

Memories: When families gather together for holidays, birthdays, other special occasions, or even the passing of a family member, people love to look at old photos and reminisce. It grounds us, renews our family bonds, and heartens us emotionally and spiritually. Our memories and past experiences make us who we are today. Family portraits are also a great way to leave a record for future generations.

Book a family portrait session with a professional photographer at least once a year. Don’t miss a chance to record those precious moments.


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