The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Videographer: Part 2

We all love taking videos with our cell phones. It is so much easier than carrying around an actual video camera, and it’s fun, too. But when it comes to a business, website, wedding, corporate event, and more, we wouldn’t think of using our cell phones! There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional videographer. We covered time and audio in a previous blog. Today we talk about framing and editing.

More Reasons To Hire A Professional Videographer

Framing: Have you been trained in video production? If not, the quality of your footage will likely suffer. There is no doubt that in most cases you can tell the difference between an amateur video and one done professionally. After all, how much does the layperson know about space, lighting, and angles? A professional videographer has been trained and has experience assessing the space in which they are shooting, and choosing the best lighting techniques, and camera angles. Depending on natural lighting is less than ideal. You can end up with grainy footage, overexposed areas, and washed out colors. When it comes to framing a shot, professional videographers have the spatial intelligence, training, and experience to draw a viewer’s attention to specific elements on the screen.

Editing: Editing takes skill, but it also takes special software. When it comes to editing it isn’t just cutting segments of video. Professionals use graphics, special effects, advanced transitions, calls-to-action, and they neutralize audio levels and enhance images. To produce high-quality video takes special skills that only professionals have.

If you’re interested in a video for your business, corporate event, wedding, or website, don’t sell yourself short by hiring an amateur or attempting to do it yourself. Professional videographers come with years of education, experience, and expertise.

Do You Need A Professional Videographer?

If you need a professional videographer for your business, event, or website, don’t sell yourself short, hire a professional! Call Doug Davis your friendly Dallas, TX, videographer at D-Squared Studios today at (214) 746-6336; or email Doug at