When Food and Lifestyle Photography Meet

When you own or manage a restaurant, food is your product, but it’s not where your responsibilities end. You’re in charge of your customers’ experience. That means you have to consider ambiance and service as well. When you market your product to potential customers, you’re not selling a commodity, you’re selling a sensory idea. That means your marketing materials need to capture the entire experience of dining at your restaurant! Food and lifestyle photography can crossover to create appealing content that will have your audience salivating.

Food Photography Is Valuable, But It’s Not the Whole Story

Good food photography is a powerful tool when persuading an Instagram user or website visitor that your restaurant is the one they’re after. A gorgeous shot of a hot, melting pizza can draw new customers to your business, but it doesn’t capture the entire sensory experience. Showcasing the ambiance of your restaurant with your photography, in addition to your delicious dishes, will help viewers become diners, as they can envision themselves in the space.

Combining Lifestyle and Food Photography Tells a Well-Rounded Story

Of course you should have plenty of glamor shots of your food items. Food photography is so appealing to the senses. However, you should also consider how combining lifestyle photography (which captures authentic people having natural moments) with food photography can better tell your story. Two friends having a lively conversation in the window seat as steam billows from their lattes makes for a great scene. It’s a moment that your audience can picture having themselves. Don’t forget to capture the entire sensory experience of your restaurant!

Work with a Dallas Photographer Who Can Do It All

Doug Davis is a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience. Doug works across many different disciplines of photography, including lifestyle and food. He’s brought incredible dishes to life for all sizes and genres of restaurants. Doug is also adept at creative design photography — which combines multiple design elements to create an attractive, eye-catching image. For Doug’s booking information and sample work, you can contact D-Squared Studios in Dallas, TX at 214-746-6336.