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Does Your Business Need a Videographer?

Information travels much differently today than it used to. In the past, speech was the primary vehicle for thoughts and ideas, but things changed drastically as a greater number of people became literate. In recent times, the written word continued to grow in influence and reach, especially with so much information available at people’s fingertips… Read more »

Dallas Photographer Answers FAQs About Video Production

A major part of any advertising campaign involves a commercial. In the span of a few seconds, you have the opportunity to visually represent your company or product. A commercial can be beautiful, funny, or shocking, but no matter what style you have in mind, your spot needs to look good. At D-Squared Studios, your Dallas… Read more »

Dallas Videographer Explains Concept of Video Production

If you were born in the 1970s or earlier, you probably can only view your childhood memories through photos, or maybe a small collection of Super 8 silent films. In the 80s, videotape, video cameras, and VCRs started to make their way into many homes. Life’s moments could suddenly be captured inexpensively, and recorded over… Read more »

Quiz on Creative Video from Dallas Photographer

Last week we spoke about videos as a medium to serve multiple needs in the creative and business worlds. Video is a constantly evolving method of engaging people’s attention, entertaining, evoking thoughts and feelings, and making us, as a culture, collectively laugh. Let’s find out how much you were paying attention. Dallas photographer and creative videographer,… Read more »

Dallas Videographer Talks About Creative Videos

Were you alive at a time when there was no such thing as video? Or have funny internet videos been a part of your life since you were old enough to comprehend them? Video has played a big role in changing the face of the world. Our ability to communicate in all sorts of ways… Read more »